Series UL - 819


  • Electro Magnetic Lifter is design with the consideration of all Industrial safety knob, therefore they are very compact, light weight, high strength & very reliable safe in use.
  • Electro Magnetic Lifter are work on Electricity & require 220V or 415V supply.
  • Electro Magnetic Lifter is used with combination of various magnets. At fixed structure with provision of chain. So this will help to handle plain as well as bend sheet, In short it will take care of bendness of sheet
  • Inching feature or variable power knob is provided, It ensures that single plate will be lifted.
  • Lamp block – Displays the system presents.


  • It is use on flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine and water jet cutting machine.
  • It is useful for handling small as well as large plates.
  • Controller is having opetional facility of battery back up which helps to keep magnet on for 15 minutes.


  • Designing of Electro Magnetic Plate Lifter Depends upon minimum and maximum size of plate ( length X weight X thickness )
  • Crane Capacity.
  • Weight of Plates.
Electro Magnetic Sheet Lifters, Electromagnetic Lifters