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Magnetic Lifter
» Permanent Magnetic Lifter
» Automatic Magnetic Lifter
» Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifter
» Electroperm Magnetic Lifter
» Electro Magnetic Sheet Lifter


Magnetic Block and V Block
» Magnetic Square Block
» Magnetic Clamping Block
» Magnetic V Block
» Leakproof Magnetic V Block
» Magnetic V Block
» V Block
» V Block with Clamp
» Tool-Room V Block
» Roller Bearing V Block
» Parallel Block (sizes are nominal)
» Transfer Block
» V Type Transfer Block


Magnetic Chuck
» Eelectroperm Magnetic Chuck for Horrizontal Machining
» Radial Pole Electroperm Chuck
» Permanent Magnetic Chuck - Rotary Type
» Permanent Magnetic Chuck - Heavy Duty
» Permanent Magnetic Chuck - Close Pole Type Heavy Duty
» Special Type Circular Magnetic Chuck
» Electromagnetic Rectangular Chuck
» Electro Magnetic Chuck - Heavy Duty Fine Pitch Multi Coil
» Electro Magnetic Chuck - Multi Coil Micro Fine Pitch
» Electro Magnetic Round Chuck
» Electroperm Magnetic Chuck - Fine Pitch for Grinding Machine
» Electroperm Light Duty Chuck (47 X 47 Quard Pole)
» Electroperm Heavy Duty Chuck (70 X 70 Quard Pole)
• Right angle Knee

New Products Developments

Magnetic Products
Pot Magnet
Button Magnet
Magnetic Holdfast
Magnetic Tool Setting Gauge
Magnetic Separator on of Type
Permanent Magnetic Sweeper
Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Sweeper
Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Sticks
Demagnetisers Series Ul- 801
» Coil type Demagnetisers
• Suspension Magnet
Magnetic Platen
Magnetic Tools and Inspection Instruments
Support Screw Jack
» Electro Magnetic Chuck for Cylindrical Grinding
Magnetic Vice
Precision Grinding Vice
Precision Grinding Vice - Screw type
Sine vice
Sine bar
» Compound Sine-Table
» Magnetic Sine-Table
Knife-Edge Straight Edge
Steel Straight Edge
• Try - Square
• Stock Try - Square
• Flanged Beam Try - Square
• Bevelled Edge Try - Square
• Precision Angle Plate
• Precision Angle Plate - New
Stainless Steel Edm Vice
Magnetic Bases
Universal Surface Gauge
• Heavy Duty Dial Indicator Stand
Magnetic Bases with Fine Adjustment
Universal Clamping Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment